Pergole din aluminiu – închideri terase cu sticlă – copertine retractabile

Aluminium pergolas- closed glass terraces retractable terrace roof- Bioclimatic retractable pergolas

Retractable aluminium pergolas, The covering system can be adjusted by a remote control, Complete systems for retractable pergolas. Consultations, installation, maintenance. Complete solutions for restaurant terraces, houses, balconies. Quick and qualitative instalation. Pergolas, canopy, Italy. Professional System. The retractable bioclimatic pergolas are an integral system of extruded aluminium painted in electrostatic field which forms a wathertight roof once the slats are 'closed'. The bioclimatic pergolas system use SOMFY remote-control.

Pergola retractabilă FOLDS

Retractable folding pergolas can be the ideal choice for both the exteriors of public spaces and residential buildings. These pergolas are retractable, the material that they are made of is watherproof PVC, which insures protection against rain and UV sunlight.

Pergola retractabila FREE

The retractable bioclimatic pergola made from aluminium is the perfect choice for your terrace because of its intense use despite any climate conditions. Its durability and compact structure are the best charcteristics that describe it.

Pergola bioclimatică SPINS

Bioclimatic aluminum pergolas with rotative blades are an inovative solution for covering terraces. They are fabriqued entirely of aluminium. The blades form the overall roof and allow managing their opening angle. Pergolas available in any RAL color.

Sliding closing system glass closing terraces

Glass closing terraces, the tip Sliding closing system will offer you a welcoming surrounding that you can enjoy in any season. Because there is created a bumping space, the thermic performances are improved considerable. The system can be intergrated with 10mm secure glass.

Automatised guillotine closing systems for terraces

Closing guillotine systems for terraces completely automatic, the completely automatic guillotine system and the vertical opening of the glasses are made possible through a remote-control. The quality and the safety of the system is owed due to the secured glass and aluminium profiles.

Pergola fixa tip SOLAR

Wintergarden fixed pergola is a special product specially desiged for the decoration of terraces or gardens, that allows light and openess in order to allow its use in the winter. It is great as an extension of your house as well as an independent structure in your garden. The fixed pannels can vary from plastified frames, secured glass and laminated secured glass which will create a roftop perfectly integrated with the surroundings and will offer you a fascinating and relaxing living space.